Pearl & Pearl Fusion Melbourne

Pearl Fusion laser resurfacing in Melbourne is a customized ablative laser resurfacing procedure designed to treat skin concerns due to ageing, sun damage, acne scarring and other surface texture concerns. This advanced laser can effectively treat the irregular pigmentation (dyschromia) of photodamage and more stubborn deeper facial lines and wrinkles – such as lines around the mouth (sometimes called smoker’s lines) and crows feet.

A combination of fractionated ablative and full-field laser delivers a superior laser resurfacing result compared to routine lighter laser treatments that do not address deeper lines and dermal issues adequately. While the downtime is a few days longer than with some lighter treatments, significant results can be obtained with only one or sometimes two-staged treatments.

Depending on the way the treatment is performed, Pearl Fusion laser resurfacing in Melbourne can be performed in three energy modes. Each Pearl Fusion laser resurfacing option targets different indications in the skin. The options we offer are:

Pearl Ablative mode – which targets lines, wrinkles and uneven skin colour tone for smoother texture and a full epidermal renewal.
Pearl Fractional mode – fractionated columns of laser treatment target deeper lines and wrinkles to rejuvenate, plump and firm the skin. This fractionated wavelength will penetrate the deeper layer of the skin called the dermis resulting in maximal stimulation of collagen and cellular skin renewal.
Pearl Fusion laser mode – which combines both the ablative and fractional pearl modes described above to address both the superficial and deep layers of the skin at the same treatment. The fractionated mode is used on the areas of main concern with the deepest lines followed by the ablation mode over the full face for overall rejuvenation.

A skin assessment is required prior to treatment at which time your best laser resurfacing options will be discussed.


Suitable For

Lighter skin types and patients with sun damage, deep lines and wrinkles usually see a great Pearl Fusion before and after impact. It is most often used on those with specific ageing concerns.

How Does Pearl Fusion Laser Resurfacing?

Pearl Fusion laser resurfacing uses a pattern of laser pulses to treat both the surface layer and deeper layers of the skin, giving you long-term benefits by stimulating collagen growth while helping to remove superficial imperfections.

What will happen during the procedure?

Pearl Fusion laser resurfacing is administered using a handheld device. It will feel like someone is delivering a series of hot pinpricks.

How much discomfort is involved?

Pearl laser resurfacing does involve some discomfort. A registered nurse will apply a numbing cream to help manage pain levels.

What can I expect after the procedure?

Allow for 10 days of healing time. Your skin will look and feel like it is sunburnt. During the 10 days of downtime, you will be provided with detailed home care instructions for optimised healing. During your healing period, it is advised that you do not attend any important events because you will appear pink or red and you will be unable to wear makeup.

How many treatments will I need?

One to two laser resurfacing treatments may be required. Your clinician will advise.

What are the results?

Pearl Fusion laser resurfacing in Melbourne helps reduce moderate to severe lines and wrinkles.