What is your fondest memory of Spring?


When we asked this question as part of our ‘Spring Carnival Makeover Competition’ we never expected to be overwhelmed with such touching and heart warming responses.

Memories of loved ones past and present, the promise of warmer weather to come, buds on the trees, the innocence of childhood and the time of year when Melbourne comes alive are just some of the memories that people have shared with us.

We chose a few of our favourite entries that we’ve received so far to share with you:

‘My fondest memories of Spring involved sitting in my Grandmother’s amazing garden on a warm day eating her homemade jelly slice and scones. It was her favourite season as it was neither too hot nor cold. Although she has since passed away, Spring always makes me happy to think about her and I will cherish those memories always.’ – Sophie

‘As a country girl my greatest memory of spring is at the family farm. I remember the way the white picket fences glistened in the light, the way the flowers burst into colour for the first time since before the winter and the way the smell of freshly cut grass filtered through the open doorways. But most of all I remember the way that I felt when that simple touch of warmth from the beaming sun above flowed through every inch of my body. It’s amazing how something so primitive like the simple change of the season can reinvigorate your senses.’ – Di

‘My fondest memory of spring was last year while 17 weeks pregnant with my first child. I remember being at the Cox Plate and I had never felt so feminine as my baby bump had started to show. Spring is about new life and I had a beautiful life being created within me. Will never forget it!’ – Prue

‘My best spring memory seems to some sad but it was 2 years ago when I took my mum for a walk in a wheel chair and the trees were in blossom and the lawns had just been mowed, her smile was worth a million days. Sadly she passed that September. Everytime I smell cut grass I smile for her.’ – Kelly

‘For my wife – this prize forms the bookend to a beautiful memory when I proposed to her on the first day of spring. Then the blushing bride to be ….26 years later still beautiful but even more alive to me as is nature to Spring. As said by E Cummings: “Sweet spring is your time, is my time, is our time, for springtime is love time and viva sweet love……For my wife x’ – Darren

‘I love hearing all the baby magpies in their nests squarking for food. It reminds me of growing up in Gisborne. When they first venture from their nests they have fluffy grey feathers and they chase their mum and dad around with beaks wide open. We had a pet magpie when we were little. Her name was Renee.’ – Andrea

What is your fondest memory of Spring? Tell us for a chance to win a $2500 ‘Spring Makeover Package’.

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Good luck!