Rebecca Judd LOVES Liberty Belle

Recently the beautiful supermodel from Melbourne wrote about her amazing skin, and how she achieves her flawless and radiant glow.

It has been a really popular article as many try to emulate Rebecca’s amazing complexion and stunning red carpet looks.

Rebecca details all you need to know about fashion, beauty, her career, and her family in her wonderful blog

Ask Bec- what is your skincare regime?

Jan 15, 2013

‘I have had about 30 questions relating to this topic. Thank you all for thinking my skin looks great but to tell you the truth, it is far from perfect.

I get lots of little lumps and bumps here and there if I don’t stay on top of things and I have shocking eye bags some times. I guess compared to 5 years ago, my skin is a lot better. I have put a lot of time, effort and cash into it so it’s nice for people to notice the improvement.

In terms of products that I use, I mix and match all the time. Sometimes (but rarely) I use really expensive active skin care products (serums etc). Other times (and often) I use basic pharmacy products. Cetaphil is actually my moisturiser of choice and it is cheap and readily available.

I’m not so sure about a lot of over-the-beauty-counter whizz bang products that promise the world. For some reason the artificial smells, colours, shimmer etc gives me the heebie geebies. How can something be good for your skin when it is full of fake crap?

So I guess my not so secret weapon is that I regularly go to a fabulous skin clinic called Liberty Belle. The clinic is owned by renowned Plastic Surgeon Chris Moss and managed by his lovely wife Andrea. They have really talented medical staff and the most advanced skin treatments using the latest technologies (these are not plastic surgery procedures, I just want to make that clear).

The skin treatments I get are performed by a Dermal Therapist, Kate (she’s the bomb). I would highly recommend going to a skin clinic that is run by a Medical Practitioner. I would not feel comfortable letting a Beauty Therapist perform these treatments on my skin (no offence, I just want a properly trained medical professional as some of the treatments are quite full-on and I’ve seen too many horror stories on A Current Affair!)

So my ‘go to’ treatments are (click for link):

– Dermasweep (scroll down to find the Dermasweep info) This is an intense exfoliation that is only available to licensed Medical Practitioners. I find if I keep this treatment up every 4-6 weeks, then my skin stays clear and lump/bump free.

– Laser Genesis This laser treatment feels like hot candle wax dripping on your skin. It stimulates the production of collagen which makes your skin tighter.

– IPL I use this to get rid of pigmentation, freckling and blotchy skin (I’m not talking IPL hair removal here- that is a different story). I only ever have this performed in Autumn or Winter as you MUST stay away from the sun after getting this treatment. I’ve had friends who have had IPL in the summer and not been careful enough in the sun, and the pigment comes back worse than before. What a nightmare! Your skin is so vulnerable for a while after this treatment that you need to be careful. Winter is the perfect time for it. A lot of people say that this treatment doesn’t hurt that much. They lie. This treatment frikken KILLS! It is totally worth it though as your skin is so clear. I go for maintenance IPL every 1-2 years and barely have a mark on my skin because of it (except my moles which I don’t IPL). Another thing as an FYI- you will look pretty bad straight after your treatment. All of the pigment/freckles etc on your face turn black before they wear/scratch off after about 7 days. When you get this treatment you may want to hibernate for a while afterwards or buy a really thick foundation to cover up your black spots.

So that’s my bag of tricks. I’ve found that I prefer to spend the big money on these types of treatments and then because my skin is in pretty good shape from it, I don’t waste any money on expensive ‘wonder’ products mass produced by fashion houses (trust me, I’ve been there). As I said, Cetaphil moisturiser is great and I also use Cetaphil cleanser (Obagi C Cleanser is also awesome but more pricey- you can get it from Liberty Belle).

While these skin treatments may be on the pricier side, if you add up how many dollars you’ve spent on expensive over-the-counter beauty products that don’t even work over the last couple of years, you’ll see that it probably ends up even. The difference is, the skin treatments usually work!

I hope this information has helped but please remember that everybody’s skin is unique and responds differently to treatment. Please see a Medical Practitioner for advice on this topic if you are thinking of embarking on skin treatments.’