Lisa Pigmentation WM

Lisa’s Skin transformation


before and after

^Lisa is not wearing makeup or foundation in either of the above photographs.
BEFORE PHOTO: Lisa has pigmentation and melasma. She was concerned about the appearance of the excess pigmentation on her face and especially on her top lip. Another concern (although minor) was congestion.
AFTER PHOTO: Lisa was put on a LIBERTY BELLE Rx skincare regime and has not had any other treatments – such as lasers. In fact laser skin treatments (like Fraxel) are unfortunately known to have a high risk of worsening abnormal skin pigmentation in women with melasma. *Skincare results may vary from person to person.


It was a chance meeting that started Lisa’s skin transformation journey. Lisa is a makeup artist and was asked to do the pre-event makeup of a 16 year old girl – Sophie. Sophie turned out to be the daughter of Andrea Moss and Dr Chris Moss. Andrea and Dr Moss are the founders of the LIBERTY BELLE SKIN CENTRE. Lisa told Andrea that she had actually been thinking about going to LIBERTY BELLE SKIN CENTRE to see if they could do something to help with her pigmentation and melasma. Lisa thought that a laser treatment might help, but Andrea was concerned about the risks of her having a laser treatment as it could make her melasma worse. Lisa disclosed to Andrea that she had previously had a laser treatment at another clinic and although her melasma reduced initially, it then came back “10 times worse.” Andrea confirmed that the heating process and inflammation from lasers can make the melasma discolouration much worse. Lisa told Andrea that she had tried “every product under the sun” and nothing could fade her pigmentation. Lisa had lost confidence with her appearance, didn’t want her closest friends to see her without “a tonne of concealer and foundation on” and couldn’t even walk down the street without wearing makeup.

Lisa was starting to feel “very down” about her skin especially as she was marrying the love of her life in January, 2020. She was starting to worry that nothing could ever be done to improve her pigmentation.

Andrea offered to help Lisa and told her that she believed that the brightening and gently exfoliating products from LIBERTY BELLE Rx could offer huge benefits to her skin. LIBERTY BELLE Rx was formulated by Dr Chris Moss with professional input from his team of Doctors, Scientists, Nurses and Dermal Clinicians. Dr Moss and the clinical team from LIBERTY BELLE SKIN CENTRE have treated over 35,000 patients and clients and have used this extensive clinical knowledge and expertise to formulate a skincare range that is safe and delivers exceptional results. LIBERTY BELLE Rx combines scientifically proven actives and naturally sourced botanicals and is customisable for all skin types, ages and genders.

The Plan:

Andrea booked Lisa in for a skin assessment that afternoon with one of the Dermal Clinicians at LIBERTY BELLE SKIN CENTRE and the above “BEFORE” photo was taken as a baseline. At her consultation, Lisa was recommended to follow the LIBERTY BELLE Rx “Brightening & Exfoliation” regime.


After using LIBERTY BELLE Rx for 8 weeks, Lisa is absolutely thrilled with the results. She’s noticed that not only is her skin pigmentation remarkably improved, but also her overall skin appearance, hydration, congestion, pores and under eye dark circles. Lisa is continuing with her LIBERTY BELLE Rx regime and we’ll keep you updated with more photos from Lisa’s skin transformation journey.


Liberty Belle Rx Skincare Regime:

The “hero brightening products” used were Bright Star and  Next Level – these are the Vitamin C rich brightening products and are a must for helping sun damage and pigmentation. She also used Glam Squad – which uses Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) to brighten the skin. The “hero exfoliating” products are  Dream Team & Quiet Achiever – these work differently to exfoliate and promote skin cell turnover as renewal is vital to target sun damage. Last and not least, Lisa applied our sun block  Superstar SPF 50+ every single day. This works by blocking the UVA/UVB and therefore helps prevent any ongoing sun damage or inflammation, therefore preventing against future pigmentation from sun exposure. As Lisa had a minor concern about congestion Game Changer was also added to her regime for its pore refining and skin mattifying benefits. Game Changer can also be used as a makeup primer.


Applied in the following order:

  1. Lionheart Citrus Cleansing Emulsion
  2. Eye Do Peptide Wrinkle Defence Eye Gel
  3. Next Level Tri-C Brightening Serum 
  4. Glam Squad HA3 + B3 + B5 Hydrating Serum 
  5. Bright Star Advanced Brightening Complex + C
  6. Superhero Nutrient Hydrator with Anti-Pollution Barrier
  7. Game Changer Complexion Perfecting Gel 
  8. Superstar SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum Physical Zinc Sunscreen


Applied in the following order:

  1. Lionheart Citrus Cleansing Emulsion
  2. Eye Do Peptide Wrinkle Defence Eye Gel
  3. Dream Team Retinol 1.25 + B3 + Ferulic 
  4. Quiet Achiever Leave-on Exfoliating AHA + Soy Amino Complex every second night 
  5. Bright Star Advanced Brightening Complex + C