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Liberty Belle Nurses Discuss Treatment to add Volume to Facial Contours

Thinking of getting your lips treated to add volume? At Liberty Belle, this is one of our most commonly performed (and favourite) treatments.

The first step is to book in for a consultation with our doctor and injecting nurses. In this consultation we will discuss what you would like to achieve, together with the options for treatment and the relevant indications and risks.

When it comes to lips, everyone is different. You may have a concern about size, symmetry, definition or shape, and in this consultation we always work closely with you to work out your individual preferences.

Perhaps one of the most common things we hear is ‘I don’t want them to look too different or too big’. Fortunately, this is one of the least likely outcomes at our clinic. We always aim to achieve incremental results.

Though your first treatment often delivers exactly what you’re looking for, it is far more common that you will come back requesting ‘a little bit more’ rather than feel it was too much when performed by us. The ‘big lips’ you might see on celebrity gossip websites are usually due to many, many treatments, rather than a single one.

After we’ve discussed what you’re after and agreed on a treatment plan, we can begin the procedure. Treatments at Liberty Belle are always performed in a fully medically-equipped setting, and in accordance with proper health and safety standards. Your injecting nurse will numb your lips with local anaesthetic. After your lips are sufficiently numb, a small needle or a cannula is used to perform the special procedures that add the dermal filler to your lips. The whole process usually takes about 20 minutes and is comfortable and easily tolerated.

Immediately after the procedure, you can expect noticeable swelling and/or bruising that will last a few days. It is hard to predict how much you will swell – with the newer products, it is common for people to have minimal swelling and to be out in public the next day.  However, it is also possible that you could have significant swelling that people will notice for a few days after the treatment. You should always plan to have no significant social engagements in the next 24 – 48 hours after a treatment, but for those who can’t avoid going out, we advise that you do something different with your hair for a couple of days, as we find most treatments go undetected that way!

Following the treatment, we usually book you in for a review in a couple of weeks. This is a good time to make an assessment of your results, once we are confident that all the swelling and bruising is likely to have subsided. If any tweaks are required, they are usually considered at this stage, though most often everything looks great and nothing further is required.

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