Dr Chris Moss discusses recent advances in lasers and energy-based skin treatments

I am very excited about the significant advances that have been made recently in laser and energy-based treatments. These have dramatically reduced the recovery time and down time after these procedures.

With improvements in the technology, our modern lasers are now used for much more than cosmetic use and reducing the signs of ageing in the skin. Many non-cosmetic indications are treated routinely in our clinic such as the correction of abnormal pigmentation, reduction of scars on the face and body, and the treatment of problems due to abnormal surface blood vessels, such as redness, rosacea, blue veins and burst capillaries. Because the field of plastic surgical skin care is advancing so rapidly I continually monitor progress in this field world-wide and perform an assessment of the science behind all new technologies as they become available. Only the highest quality technology with proven results is selected and used at our Liberty Belle Skin Centre. This ensures that all lasers used in our practice are state of the art for safety and results. Practices that use technologies that are obsolete will naturally not be able to deliver the significant benefits made available by this modern technology.

Recent advances in lasers and energy-based skin treatments have now made it possible to provide significant full facial rejuvenation of multiple problems on a patient’s face, neck and eyelids all on one occasion with one downtime. This programme can involve an effective skin tightening treatment of the face and eyes using advanced 3rd generation radio frequency technology, which causes the regeneration of new collagen resulting in firming of the skin and reduction in wrinkles and lines. At the same time, we can also perform fractional laser resurfacing treatment for further reduction in wrinkles and lines as well as evening of the skin’s tone and correction of pigmentation abnormalities. These treatments can almost always be performed at the standard energy levels used for stand alone treatments even when these treatments are combined at the same time. This means patients have the option of receiving the full programme of required treatments all on the same day with one down time yet no compromise in the expected final results. In certain patients it is also possible to perform dermal filler and muscle relaxing injections at the same time to give surface rejuvenations that are comparable to those of surgery in many candidates.

I invite anyone who is concerned about problems on their skin, particularly those who are not ready for surgical procedures, to come in and see us. We are committed to providing the most up to date and evidence based advice on the modern advances now available for the maintenance and cosmetic enhancement of your skin and appearance.

Dr Chris Moss – Plastic Surgeon specialising in surgery of the face, nose and breast.