Barb’s Journey

My name is Barb. I’m 55 years old and this is my story.

   Before                                                                                  After – light makeup             

Barb has had a series of non-surgical treatments at Liberty Belle Skin Centre including Fraxel DUAL, anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.                                                              

Before                                                                                   After – no makeup

Barb has had a series of non-surgical treatments at Liberty Belle Skin Centre including Fraxel DUAL,  anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

Results may vary from patient to patient.

In Barb’s words …

“My life in general has not been one of opportunity – born into a family of 7, motherless from the age of 10.  As a child I loved the sun as most Australians did, we never used sunscreen, rather the opposite, bathing ourselves in oils to compete for a darker tan.  A beauty regime was never something I thought much about nor was shown how to maintain my skin. Now at the age of 55, I felt my appearance lacked youth, looked tired and sallow, and daily cleansing and moisturising was not enough. I found that when I was getting ready to go out anywhere and looked into the mirror to fix my hair (which had always been my focus), I would see the sunspots on my face especially the large one near my eye.  I was constantly covering it up with foundation but had no idea how or what was the best way to camouflage it.  Over time I noticed more spots appearing on other parts of my face and it got to the stage where it became too hard to cover up and I would need copious amounts of foundation which then looked ‘caked’ on.  I never felt lipstick helped with my appearance as I have a very thin top lip and no shape.  After this I gave up looking at my face in the mirror.”

“I was watching a kid’s soccer game and saw Andrea Moss in the crowd.  It was hard to miss her as she was very vocal.  It was a close game and Andrea’s 12 year old daughter had just kicked 2 goals.  I was later introduced to her.  We talked about the large sun spot near my eye.  She then offered to laser the sunspots off my face.  I was so taken aback by her generosity that it sent myself and my friend into tears as she knew how I have always wanted to get rid of the ugly marks off my face.  I am sure Andrea must have thought we were nuts.  I look back now and laugh about it.” 

“A few weeks later I was contacted by Liberty Belle and went in. I had always wanted to get something done and they made it possible for me. I found out about other rejuvenation treatments that would involve cosmetic injectables.  I couldn’t believe that anyone would want to help me and be so generous.”   

“From the moment I walked into Liberty Belle there was an air of serenity.  The staff were lovely, helping me through every step and sensing my nervousness.  Talking to doctors for me is very unnerving.  Dr Chris Moss was not what I had expected: he was a good looking, quietly spoken and very gentle man.  He has great people skills, not with just me but the way he spoke to his staff as well.  You can see he had as much respect for them as they had for him.”

“At first I was a little concerned about the Fraxel and injectable treatments.  Will it hurt? What will it look like during and after the procedures? What will be the final results?” 

“After the initial numbing, I was ready.  It felt weird having a numb face, then the Fraxel began.  There was a little discomfort, feeling like a slight heat spot.  It is not something that is unbearable, and you do get used to it, some areas are a little more sensitive than others.”

“Immediately after my face was very hot.  Water spray was very cooling and the Zimmer cooler was my ‘friend’ for a few hours.  The next day my face had swelled a little but it was not uncomfortable, just puffy.  Within a few days the skin had turned to flakiness and was pretty much finished by day 6.”

“The injectables were slightly more intense than the laser.  I could hear noises from within the skin.  It was a bit odd but I got instant results. I experienced minimal bruising and was slightly tender but nothing that was uncomfortable.”

“The photos of me now speak a thousand times louder than any words I can write. I found the whole experience wonderful.  My husband’s initial thoughts regarding lasers and injectables was one of disbelief.  He thought all photos of lasers and injectables were computer generated and photoshopped!  But after going through the journey with me he knows that my photos and all the improvements are real and not photoshopped.”

“Thank you to the team at Liberty Belle, Dr Chris Moss and Andrea.  I hope that sharing my experience has been helpful to others considering having some treatments. I am blessed to have met Andrea on a bitterly cold Saturday morning at a kids soccer game!”