Have a question that’s not covered? Before reaching out to us directly, check out our Frequently Asked Questions below to see if we can help you here.

We provide the following information and tips for your benefit as part of our commitment to skincare of the highest quality. It is based on accepted industry knowledge and our extensive experience with LBRx products and those from many other cosmeceutical ranges.

This site contains general information that pertains to the actives used and is relevant to any other product containing the same effective concentrations of the required actives. Any specific recommendations apply only in relation to the use of the specific formulations used in LBRx products. This information does not relate to medical conditions and for advice regarding these please consult with your doctor.

How do I choose the LBRx products that are right for me?

We have provided detailed information on each of our quality products – what they are, what they do and how to apply them.

Our Customer Care Team can be contacted if you want help with selecting your LBRx skincare products. If you still need further help to find the best LBRx products for you, you can book a skin consultation at our Liberty Belle Skin Centre based in Melbourne, Australia, where a Dermal Clinician will assess your skin and tailor a program specific to your needs.

In what order can I apply my LBRx products?

As a general rule, the order to apply or use our products is: Cleanse, Eye Cream, Serum, Treatment, Moisturiser, SPF. When layering products on any area go from thinnest to thickest. Use the product with the thinner consistency first so it has a chance to absorb into skin before applying thicker products. Recommended application information specific to each product on its individual product page are on our website.

Where do I find more information regarding a specific LBRx product?

Each product page contains detailed information on the individual product. If you have further questions, please contact our Customer Care team.

Where do I find more information about how to apply a LBRx product?

You will find the recommended application information specific to each product on its individual product page within our website.

How long before I should notice results?

For most people, noticeable improvements in their skin are achieved by around one month of using the LBRx products. With many of our products, improvements are visible within minutes (like our best-selling Game Changer!). With Retinol products such as Dream Team and Eye Dream, the improvements develop progressively over weeks, but it may take up to a few months for noticeable results to become apparent. With consistent daily use, visible benefits continue to improve over time. The time to achieve the best results varies depending on what products you use and the health and age of your skin. It is important to remember that, while an effective active will support your skin quality, your skin condition is likely to revert if you don’t make an effort to maintain the results.


What do you mean by active skincare?

Skincare ingredients are classified according to action – as either active or passive. Active skincare contains active ingredients, also known as cosmeceuticals, which are included for their added beneficial effects on skin cells and appearance. Simple cosmetics contain passive ingredients, which do not affect this meaningful change in the skin’s quality and function.

When used as part of an effective skincare regime, actives contained within LBRx work either at the skin surface or deeper, to help improve areas such as deep hydration, skin barrier function, sun protection, brightening, exfoliation, skin cell renewal and anti-oxidant neutralisation of free radicals. Benefits such as these deliver added improvements in skin quality and health, including better skin tone and texture, and reduction in the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Not surprisingly active skincare has been described in the industry as ‘serious skin therapy minus the fluff’.

LBRx active home skincare is an ideal first choice to improve skin health and beauty. It’s easy to use and puts you in control of your skin health. However, since the actives in LBRx have real effect you need to take it gradually and allow your skin to build up to the product.

The LBRx range of formulations is results driven and based on science that is known to work. It is a thoughtfully integrated range of products that can be used alone or layered to work together in synergy. The LBRx range can deliver complete skincare solutions across different skin types, ages and genders. Our experience shows that this range delivers unsurpassed skincare results.

I have sensitive skin. What precautions can I take?

For those with sensitive or dry skin, some skin response signs from normal levels of active skincare may be more likely (see ‘Could I have some skin sensitivity from active skincare ingredients?’). So it is important to use each product as directed, and we recommend you follow our tips on how to gradually introduce LBRx products (see ‘How should I gradually introduce LBRx products?’). We suggest performing a patch test – either on your forearm, or better yet on an inconspicuous part of your face or neck – before you apply any new product to the rest of your face. Check after 24-48 hours to ensure all is good.

If you have reacted to any skincare products in the past, we recommend you introduce one new skincare product at a time.

Obviously, you must carefully choose the LBRx products that are suited to your skin type and skin concern and read the ingredients list on the box. More information is available about each of our products, including how to best use them, within the ‘SHOP PRODUCTS’ section of this website. Avoid products containing any ingredient you may have had an adverse reaction to in the past. If you have highly sensitive skin it is possible that active skincare, or indeed any skincare, may not be suited to your individual skin type.

How should I gradually introduce LBRx products?

Which LBRx active skincare products are best started gradually?

The LBRx cleansers (Heartfelt, Lionheart & Braveheart), moisturisers  (Superhero, Power Broker),  Eye Do, Glam Squad and Superstar do not require a gradual start.

Due to their activity, certain LBRx products should ideally be started gradually. These are Dream Team, Eye Dream, Quiet Achiever, Game Changer, Next Level and Bright Star, which we refer to as our LBRx ‘Activator’ products.

Why is it recommended to start LBRx Activators gradually?

Within the LBRx range we have designed 14 targeted products, each with a unique blend of specially selected actives. Six of the LBRx products are what we refer to as our LBRx Activator products – Dream Team, Eye Dream, Quiet Achiever, Game Changer, Next Level and Bright Star. Each Activator contains a unique balance of active ingredients at the concentrations required to deliver the right amount of skin stimulation for increased skin cell turnover and/or exfoliation. The actives within LBRx that provide this skin stimulation are Retinol, AHAs (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids), and Vitamin C. As you will know, these are commonly used actives and as a group they play a vital role in most active skincare ranges.

The effects of these actives are vital for achieving the needed skin benefits. Normally the skin responds very well to these proven and widely used actives. For best results and to minimise the chance of any excess response to the skin stimulation, it is best to start these Activator products one at a time and to start each different Activator gradually over time (weeks).

As a result of the normal increase in skin cell turnover and exfoliation that occurs, some mild and temporary signs of the skin’s response can sometimes occur. These ‘skin response’ signs can include some mild redness, skin dryness or fine flaking, mild itch, a brief stinging sensation on application, or temporary breakouts. If any occur, they are usually not of any concern, and occur during the initial weeks of starting a product or when increasing the frequency of its application. The amount of skin response to these actives is difficult to predict exactly because it varies between individuals depending on their skin type and the frequency of application to any area. Usual skin response signs should fade within at least a few weeks as the skin gets used to these actives.

Unfortunately, some people are enthusiastic to see benefits and, believing that the more products they use the better, they start using their products at the full dose too quickly or they commence using multiple Activator products at the same time. As with all active skin care products, it is important to use LBRx products as directed. More is not better.

How to start LBRx Activator products gradually

When starting any skincare brand containing stimulatory actives for the first time, it is ideal to introduce these products with care and start gradually. This minimises the chance of any excess skin response or temporary breakouts when starting a product (see ‘Can I use LBRx if I have acne or breakout prone skin?’).

Below are our tips for how we suggest you introduce any of our six Activators into your skincare regime. While there is some detail here, we want to provide extra explanation on how to best use the LBRx home care range.

Before you start out with LBRx Activator products, if you have any existing skin dryness you should address this with quality hydration and moisturising products – we recommend the combination of Glam Squad (for deep hydration) and Superhero or Power Broker (both are hydrating moisturisers).  Apply LBRx Activator products to clean dry skin. When introducing Activator products it is better to only use a gentle cleanser, such as Heartfelt – certainly not one that is exfoliating.

Recommended starting regimes for Activators:

Start by initially applying a product once every 3 days and gradually work your way up to once every 2 days, and then once daily use as tolerated and needed.

  • For Dream Team & Eye Dream-

These products contain Retinol – it is good to initially start with use every third night for 2 weeks, then move to every second night for 2 weeks as tolerated, and work towards using it every night as tolerated and needed. Apply Retinol at night as sun exposure impairs the effect of the active.

  • For Quiet Achiever, Game Changer, Next Level & Bright Star-

These products contain AHAs (Quiet Achiever, Game Changer, Bright Star) and/or Vitamin C (Bright Star, Next Level, Game Changer). It is good to start initially using these once every 3 days for 1 week, then move to every 2 days for 1 week as tolerated, and work towards daily use as tolerated and needed.

How to increase the frequency of application up to your ideal regime:

When introducing an Activator product, it is up to you and your skin as to how quickly you are comfortable to increase the frequency of application. In our directions for each product we state the usual ongoing application frequency; but this varies between individuals depending on their skin type, so you must work up towards this gradually and determine what final ongoing application frequency works best for you. Only increase the frequency of application in stepwise fashion as comfortably tolerated by your skin. By tolerated we mean that any skin response signs you might experience are mild and not of any concern. This gradual process allows your skin the time to get used to the active as you gradually work up to the best skin care regime for you. Remember: more is not better, and there is no ‘one frequency suits all’ approach to active skincare products.

The principle is simple – if you experience any signs of ‘skin response’ that are a little too much for you, then that’s an indication that your skin has already had enough stimulation and can have a ‘rest’.  You are best to wait for any excess signs to settle before the next application. This way you will find your own ideal frequency of application –this might be daily applications in one person but say twice a week in another – it all depends on what works for you.  Find the regime for each product that makes your skin look and feel the best. Work up to this over a period of weeks – there is no need to hurry.

In the unlikely event that some signs of excess skin response where to persistent despite the above measures, or if you have any concerns, then cease the product until the skin settles fully and refer to our advice (see ‘Excessive  skin response or sensitivity – what do I do?’).

Finally, when introducing any LBRx Activator products into any time slot when you are already using another LBRx Activator (eg. adding in an AHA at night when you are already using Retinol), you can initially leave off the regular one you use (say Retinol) to avoid any additive stimulatory effects. Once you know you are fine with introducing the AHA then you can use both products together. If not, you could just alternate them – using each product at a different time (eg. AHA one night, Retinol the next). Find out what works best for you and your skin. Being in touch with your skin is a very important part of maintaining optimal skin health.

How to start LBRx products that are NOT in the group of Activators

Actives in the LBRx cleansers (Heartfelt, Lionheart and Braveheart), moisturisers (Power Broker and Superhero), Eye Do, Glam Squad and Superstar do not stimulate the skin in the way that the Activators do -so they will not cause the previously described  ‘skin response’. Therefore we do not recommend a gradual start like with the Activators. Nevertheless, it is always good to start any products one at a time, one or two days apart. As always, be careful not to overuse cleansers as they could cause dryness and a feeling of tightness which is not beneficial.

General suggestions when starting any LBRx skin care product

  • As a rule, it is most prudent to always do a patch test prior to using any new product on your face or neck. Apply a small amount to your wrist, forearm, or behind the ear. Then check after 24-48 hours and if there is no sensitivity you can continue to apply it to your face. This is particularly relevant if you have sensitive skin or a history of allergies.
  • Always use sun protection and wear sunscreen during the day.
  • If introducing more than one product, it’s best to introduce only one new product at a time on any one day, so if any response occurs you will likely know which one caused it.
  • Find the frequency, amount and area of application for each product that best addresses your aims and suits your skin type.
  • A final word – take it gradually. Be patient, as results are not immediate – but remarkable results come from regular use of the proper products over time.

Could I have some skin sensitivity from active skincare ingredients?

As part of the normal response of the skin there can be some very mild signs of redness and very fine flakiness of the skin due to exfoliation when introducing certain active ingredients within the LBRx range, or indeed any skincare range. This flakiness is due to the skin reducing the thickness of the stratum corneum (the dead layer on the outside of the skin). Occasionally there can be a small amount of tingling when a product is applied and there can sometimes be occasional breakouts known as ‘purging’. Normal skin response signs are mild, easily tolerated, and resolve quickly as the skin becomes used to the active. There is no need to be alarmed by these mild signs of skin response. If necessary they should be easily managed by adjusting the frequency of application to suit your skin.

LBRx skincare formulations are based on active ingredients that deliver many extra skin health and beauty benefits as a result of their activity on the skin. These skin stimulating actives include Retinol, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Vitamin C. They bring about their desired improvements in the skin by stimulating increased skin cell renewal or mild exfoliation. These actives play a vital role in virtually every effective active skincare brand. They have a well proven track record for safety and effectiveness and are fully approved for use in skincare. There are six LBRx products that contain one or more of these actives. We call them our LBRx ‘Activator’ products because they contain actives that result in the many benefits of increased cell turnover and/or exfoliation.  These Activator products are Dream Team, Eye Dream, Quiet Achiever, Game Changer, Next Level and Bright Star. For more details on these please refer to the individual product section of this site.

As the normal skin response to the type of stimulation described above is an increased skin cell renewal and mild exfoliation, it is not unexpected that in some there can be some signs of this intended ‘skin response’. As discussed previously these signs can include mild temporary redness, slight flaking, dryness, mild itch, or a stinging sensation on application, or some temporary breakouts commonly known as ‘purging’ (see ‘Can I use LBRx if I have acne or breakout prone skin?’). Normal skin response signs are temporary and should only occur in association with an Activator product – usually when introducing it for the first time or when increasing the frequency of its application. Skin response signs are more likely to occur with the products containing Retinol, but may also occur with products containing AHAs or more rarely Vitamin C. Therefore, we suggest it is preferable to allow your skin time to get used to any new Activator product by introducing it gradually (see ‘How should I gradually introduce LBRx products?’).

The amount of skin response to any given product varies between individuals. Seeing some response in the skin is usually a good indication that the active is having an effect. Other formulations that do not have actives present in an adequate concentration and form will of course not have this skin response – but they also won’t have the corresponding benefit.

The normal skin response to the stimulation effect of any new active should be mild and easily tolerated, so that you can continue using the products to get the benefits without experiencing any levels of concern about these. The usual skin response is temporary because as the skin becomes used to the active applied it develops tolerance, so skin response signs resolve. With ongoing use, the actives continue to help support and improve the quality, tone and texture of the skin.

These responses described should only be associated with the six Activator products. The other eight LBRx products (ie. the cleansers, moisturisers, Glam Squad, Eye Do and Superstar) do not stimulate the skin like the Activators so they do not cause the skin response signs described. Many of these eight products do however also stimulate the skin in other important ways such as supporting collagen levels.

When starting an LBRx Activator product, it is important to give your skin time to get used to it and for you to find the application regime best suited to your individual skin. Remember: More is not better, and there is no ‘one frequency suits all’ approach to active skincare products. If any response was a little too much for you then it is evidence that your skin has had enough stimulation and can have a ‘rest’ and settle before you apply the next dose. Excess skin response signs should then be easily prevented by reducing the application frequency accordingly (see: How should I gradually introduce LBRx products?). That way you can get the benefits without any excess skin response.

If your skin is dry, it loses some of its natural barriers, so skin response signs are more likely to occur. Therefore, it is recommended that you address any dryness of your skin with good hydration (eg. with Glam Squad) and moisturisation (eg. with Power Broker) before introducing the LBRx Activator products.

We cannot comment on the safety or likelihood of excess response or irritation in relation to any other brands of skincare products. We have thoughtfully designed LBRx as a comprehensive integrated range of products that, when used correctly, work together without doubling up to deliver optimal safety and results.

How can I use LBRx products with Retinol ie. Dream Team and Eye Dream?

Retinol is an active skincare ingredient that stimulates the skin. The effects of this include increased skin cell turnover and mild exfoliation. This can occasionally result in some skin response signs such as flaking (see: ‘Could I have some skin sensitivity from active skincare ingredients?’). This should resolve naturally. Do not use any extra physical exfoliants to remove such flaking as it could result in some excess response.  When starting products that contain Retinol for the first time (Dream Team & Eye Dream), they should be introduced carefully, increasing use gradually as tolerated (see: ‘How can I gradually introduce LBRx products?’).

When you start out, apply these actives to well hydrated skin and if you get any mild dryness don’t be afraid to apply moisturiser straight over them.

Can I use LBRx if I have acne or breakout prone skin?

If you have active acne, then you would need medical treatment for this.  Active skincare like LBRx is not a treatment for those with active acne. You may require antibiotics or other prescription medical treatment. If you have untreated acne any skincare products can precipitate breakouts.

Targeted LBRx skincare can be of benefit and provide further improvements in skin quality, tone and clarity once active acne has received appropriate medical treatment.

If you have acne or breakout prone skin, then you may be more likely to experience the appearance of pimples or breakouts when starting or increasing skincare products – so for best results do this carefully and gradually (see ‘How should I gradually introduce LBRx products?’)

Starting certain actives that are designed to stimulate skin cell turnover and/or exfoliation as their mechanism of action may cause some pimple breakouts to appear at around the same time during the weeks after starting the product. This is because such stimulatory active ingredients increase the turnover of skin cells which can help to reveal small pimples (microcomedones) that were under the skin earlier, or in an accelerated way. Also the mild exfoliation effect can sometimes temporarily worsen the tendency for pores to become congested until the dead skin cells are shed away. Pimples or whiteheads that occur due to these effects would have appeared anyway but tend to appear at around the same time due to these stimulatory effects. Such breakouts brought on by the stimulation of a product are often described as ‘purging’ because they are temporary and resolve in a period of weeks – they are not acne. The reason purging is temporary is because the skin renews itself every 3-6 weeks in its normal renewal cycle, so by the end of this period any pimples that were forming under the skin should have made their way to the surface. Any previous tendency towards acne or recurrent breakouts is different to purging and is of course a pre-existing, and likely ongoing, skin condition.

Purging is a mild increase in pimples coming to the surface in response to a stimulating product and in an area where you have previously had breakouts. It can occur as a normal response to starting or increasing the frequency of application any skincare product that contains actives that stimulate cell turnover or exfoliation –this means any products that contain Retinol, AHAs or Vitamin C (see ‘Could I have some skin sensitivity due to my skin’s response to active skincare ingredients?’). There are six products within the LBRx range that contain such actives and together we call these our ‘Activators’ – Dream Team, Eye Dream, Quiet Achiever, Game Changer, Next Level and Bright Star. When starting on any of these six products it is good to do this gradually to help minimise the risk of excess purging, particularly if you have a past history of acne or breakouts.

If any purging occurs in association with starting one of our Activator products, it should not usually persist longer than a few weeks, should not be severe, and should not occur in an area where you have not previously had breakouts. If any of these occurred it would not be consistent with usual purging, and could indicate that you have an acne flare up, skin irritation or an allergy to a product ingredient – in which case we would recommend you should stop any product responsible and consult your doctor.

Purging should not result from any LBRx products that are not part of our Activator group. If breakouts did occur after starting one of these products, then it could be that a particular ingredient such as an oil or butter is blocking your pores somewhat and predisposing to pimples, or it could be some sensitivity to an ingredient. If such issues did occur with any of these products then cease application of that product and consult a doctor as appropriate.

Can I use LBRx active skincare products to treat skin diseases eg. eczema, dermatitis, acne or rosacea?

Active skincare products such as LBRx are not prescription medicines and do not treat medical skin conditions such as these. Please consult an appropriate doctor for treatment of these. When conditions such as active acne have resolved or been treated then quality skincare products such as LBRx can help with further maintaining, improving and protecting the skin.

Excessive skin response or reaction - what do I do?

Normal skin response signs:  When introducing certain new skincare products, or increasing their frequency of application, it is within normal limits to have some mild and temporary ‘skin response’ signs. These skin response signs can appear as part of the normal effect of the skin stimulation provided by the following skincare active ingredients:  Retinol, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Vitamin C.  This skin stimulation is the intended action of these actives and the normal effect is an increased skin cell renewal and mild exfoliation. Only six LBRx products contain these important stimulatory actives. Accordingly we call these six our ‘Activator’ products – they are Dream Team, Eye Dream, Quiet Achiever, Game Changer, Next Level, and Bright Star. Therefore it is within normal limits to experience some skin response signs when using these products. Such skin response is not associated with the other LBRx products.

Signs consistent with the normal ‘skin response’ of some people can include some mild redness, slight flaking, dryness, mild itch or stinging sensation on application, or some temporary breakouts known as purging (see: ‘Could I have some skin sensitivity due to my skin’s response to active skincare ingredients?’).  Normal skin response signs are mild, easily tolerated, and resolve as the skin becomes used to the active applied.

Purging Skin Response :  Purging describes mild temporary breakouts that can sometimes occur as a normal skin response when starting any active skincare product that stimulates increased skin cell renewal or exfoliation. The stimulation of the LBRx Activators is intended to result in these effects and can therefore cause some degree of purging as part of this. Purging results from an increase in pimples coming to the surface earlier, in response to the stimulation by the product. These breakouts occur in areas where pimples were already making their way to the skin surface so they should only occur in an area that has previously experienced some pimples or breakouts (see ‘Can I use LBRx products if I have acne or breakout prone skin?’).

If skin response signs occur this would usually be when introducing or when increasing the frequency of application of an Activator product which contains Retinol, but may also occur with those containing AHAs or, less likely, Vitamin C.  These skin response signs are not associated with the LBRx cleansers, moisturisers, Glam Squad, Eye Do or Superstar.

If signs of ‘skin response’ are within normal limits but a little too much for your preference:  Skin response varies from person to person, depends on your skin type and sensitivity, and is difficult to predict (see ‘I have sensitive skin. What precautions can I take?’). If you are using an Activator and you develop some mild signs of normal  ‘skin response’ consistent with those described above, but if you are nevertheless not comfortable with the level of those signs, then this should be resolved quickly by reducing the application frequency of the product (see: ‘How should I gradually introduce LBRx products?’). Normal purging, just like the other possible ‘skin response’ signs, should be mild and temporary, but if you are not comfortable with it, then address this by temporarily ceasing or reducing the frequency of application of the product.

When commencing or increasing any new product, it is important to give your skin time to get used to it and for you to find the application regime best suited to your individual skin. Apply moisturiser straight over any mild skin dryness, mild itch or flakiness.

What is not within normal limits for active skincare:  While it is not expected, it is possible that the skin response to an active could result in some excessive skin sensitivity symptoms due to either skin irritation or, less likely, there could be an allergic reaction to an ingredient.  As of writing these have not been reported with any LBRx products.

Irritation:  Skin sensitivity signs due to irritation could include more significant redness, flaking, itch, rash, stinging or burning sensation or problematic breakouts. These would not be within normal limits but are possible as a result of an excessive skin response or individual sensitivity to an active. If these did occur, you should temporarily cease using the product until the skin fully settles. If symptoms were to persist after ceasing the product, or if you have concerns, then we recommend you contact our Customer Care Team or consult your doctor about whether and when it is okay to reintroduce it.

Using too much of any active skincare product can result in an excessive response so it is important to remember that using more than directed is not better! And there is no ‘one size fits all’ frequency for any product – when using products with these actives you need to establish what frequency of application suits your individual skin to deliver the best results without any excess skin response signs.

Allergy:  It is possible to develop an allergic reaction to any skincare ingredient and symptoms of this could include more marked redness, swelling or eyelid puffiness, itching sensation, rash, or breakouts beyond the area of product application.  Although unlikely, if this occurred you should wash any product off thoroughly with water, stop using whatever might be causing the issue straightaway, and consult with your local doctor or a doctor at our skin centre.

Where can I find the list of ingredients?

The full list of ingredients can be found on each product’s individual product page. Simply click the ‘Ingredients’ tab. We also have an Ingredients Glossary, called The Science in our Products which gives detailed information on each of our Hero active and Patented ingredients.


Can I combine LBRx products with other skincare products?

As we do not know what is in other products we cannot recommend this. LBRx is a thoughtfully integrated range for complete skincare solutions. This means that all our products have been designed to be used and work well together with synergy. There are options to cater for different skin types, ages and genders.

Can I use LBRx Retinol products while pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to get pregnant?

People who are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to get pregnant should avoid using products containing Retinol which is a form of Vitamin A. While there have been no studies that have shown that Retinol poses a risk during pregnancy, as a precaution we recommend avoiding Dream Team and Eye Dream during this time. These are the only LBRx products which contain Retinol.

What type of sunscreen is LBRx Superstar SPF 50+?

The LBRx Superstar SPF 50+ sunscreen is formulated using micronised Zinc Oxide as the active ingredient.

Superstar SPF 50+ is a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. It can be used on all skin types, including sensitive skin. The Zinc Oxide in Superstar SPF 50+ is a physical sunscreen that works by reflecting harmful rays away from the skin, as opposed to chemical sunscreens which work by absorbing harmful rays. This is why we prefer using Zinc Oxide.

Compared to other Zinc based sunscreens, our Superstar SPF 50+ is an easy to wear, light weight, fast-absorbing cream for those with an active lifestyle. It can be worn under makeup. The advanced micronised Zinc Oxide formula helps avoid a milky-white appearance on the skin which is commonly seen with other Zinc based products. As a bonus, Zinc is also known to help with calming and soothing.




How should I apply LBRx Superstar SPF50+ sunscreen?

For sunscreens to be effective you need the right product, and you need to apply enough product!

Always follow the instructions on Superstar SPF 50+ carefully. Studies have shown that most people do not apply enough product for the proper effect from their sunscreen. It is recommended that any sunscreen is applied liberally to all areas needing protection. For example, regardless of the brand used, the dose recommend by the authorities for your face and neck alone is to use 1 heaped teaspoon of sunscreen.

Always apply liberally and evenly to dry exposed skin 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. Also, always reapply immediately after swimming, exercise or towelling dry.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure and, because no sunscreen will block all UV radiation, always wear protective clothing, hat and sunglasses when exposed to the sun to further reduce risk.

Why is sunscreen important?

Active skincare ingredients included in the LBRx range are known to help protect against and reduce the visible signs of sun damage. A vital part of any anti-ageing regime is to also use a sunscreen to help stop new sun damage occurring while also using skincare products to address existing problems caused from previous and prolonged sun damage.

Furthermore, as part of their mode of action actives temporarily increase the sensitivity to sun exposure. This is well known regarding any products or brands containing actives such as Retinol, Vitamin C or AHAs (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids). Therefore, no matter what skincare you are using – whether active or non-active – it is vital to wear an appropriate sunscreen during the day as part of your skincare regime. You will find any recommendations relevant to such products on the individual product pages.

Which LBRX products should I use to remove my eye makeup?

We recommend our Heartfelt Gentle Rose Cream Cleanser to cleanse your eyelid area and to remove light eye makeup as it is very gentle. Braveheart and Lionheart are stronger working cleansers designed to clean your facial skin and pores and are best not used on your eyelid area or to remove eye makeup.


Which LBRX products should I use around my eyes?

We recommend that for best skin benefits you use LBRx specific active eye products such as Eye Do and Eye Dream around your eye area. We recommend our Heartfelt Rose Cream Cleanser to cleanse around the eyes and eyelids.



Can I also use LBRx products on my neck and décolletage?

LBRx products that have been designed for use on the face, neck and décolletage include the sunscreen (Superstar), the cleansers (Heartfelt, Lionheart and Braveheart), the moisturisers (Superhero and Power Broker), plus Glam Squad, Next Level and Bright Star.

When does my LBRX product expire?

Each product has an open jar symbol located on the packaging. This indicates how many months the product will last from opening. In order for the product and actives to be effective we recommend the product must be used within this period which is within 12 months from the date of opening. Our packaging has been designed to protect the actives. Store products in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, and keep the lids securely closed.

Do LBRX products contain Parabens, Synthetic fragrances, Sulphates (SLS SLES), DEA, MIT and Artificial Colours?

No – LBRx products are free from all the above. We only add the highest grade actives and ingredients where evidence has shown they deliver benefits for skin.

Does LBRx test on animals?

LBRx does not test on animals.

Are LBRx products vegan friendly?

Most LBRx products are vegan friendly, except our Retinol products Dream Team and Eye Dream, and our sunscreen Superstar. Beeswax is used in these three products but is not vegan friendly. Eye Dream also contains silk amino acids originally derived from the natural source of raw silk.


Is LBRX made in Australia?

LBRx has been 100% designed, formulated and made in Australia.

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