Liberty Belle Rx by Dr Chris Moss Plastic Surgeon

High performance skincare passionately created by the experts


Liberty Belle Rx was created by world renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr Chris Moss, together with Andrea Moss and the team of Doctors, Nurses and Dermal Clinicians at Liberty Belle Skin Centre. With the clinical knowledge gained from caring for over 35,000 patients and clients, Liberty Belle Rx has been formulated with the highest levels of skin expertise and experience. This innovative and luxurious range is results driven and combines scientifically proven actives and naturally sourced botanical ingredients.
There have been no compromises in formulating this comprehensive range which is customisable for all skin types.
Free from Parabens, Synthetic fragrances, Sulphates (no SLS or SLES), DEA, MIT, Pertroleum & Mineral Oils, Chemical UV Filters, GMOs, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Animal derivatives and Artificial Colours. Lovingly made in Australia and not tested on animals.

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The Driving force behind Liberty Belle Rx

The name Liberty Belle is derived from the French words for ‘freedom’ and ‘beauty’. Rx has its origins in the Latin word ‘Recipe’, meaning ‘take thus’, and has been used throughout history to describe a recommendation.

Liberty Belle Rx marries our ‘holy trinity’ of skincare:  Expertise, Integrity and Luxury.

Dr Moss sought to remedy the deficiencies he saw in existing skincare products by providing his patients with a range that he could trust to deliver real results. From their vast experience, Dr Moss together with his Liberty Belle Skin Centre team knew what ingredients worked best and what was still required. Dr Moss was committed to delivering a range containing the most up to date active ingredients with proven track records for safety and effectiveness.

This range of advanced active skincare technology has been designed to combat the effects of our harsh Australian conditions. It guarantees to provide protection from sun and other environmental damage, while working synergistically with your skin’s natural repair mechanisms for more healthy and beautiful skin.

The 16 product range took two years of dedicated formulating, testing and monitoring. This is a thoughtfully integrated range, with products that complement each other to offer complete skincare solutions. There were no compromises made in creating this range and making it available for you.

Liberty Belle Rx works to deliver exceptional results for healthy and beautiful looking skin. It also has all the luxurious features and textures that you would expect from a premium range which make it a pleasure to use and wear. We consider this the best and most balanced skincare range available.

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Liberty Belle Rx skincare is designed to help you create and maintain radiant and healthy skin for life. For us, that is skin which is smooth, firm, even in tone, resilient and well hydrated.

Dr Moss’ philosophy is simple- always use the best skin care technology that science and the profession has to offer. There must be no compromises.

The best skincare range must be thoughtfully integrated with products that complement each other and deliver leading edge solutions for all skin types, ages and genders.

We at LBRX believe that the highest quality skincare must be more than the most effective. It should also be straightforward to use and luxurious to wear.

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