Making the Most of your Dermasweep

Dermasweep is one of our most popular treatments here at Liberty Belle, with celebrities such as Jennifer Hawkins and Rebecca Judd posting about their results. Since our Dermasweeps are the talk of the town, we thought we’d tell you a bit about how they work.

If you haven’t had a Dermasweep treatment before, you might be wondering what you can expect.

Dermasweep is a comprehensive yet relaxing facial exfoliation treatment, where a clinician uses a special wand with fine brush tips to sweep and suction away the topmost layer of dead, dull-looking skin.

The treatment also firms the skin by increasing its blood flow and applying a hyaluronic acid hydrating solution. Manual extractions are often performed to clear any congestion, leaving you looking wonderfully refreshed and rejuvenated.

But let us let you in on a secret.

While the results can be fantastic on their own, our clinicians often follow the Dermasweep with either a Laser Genesis or a Pellevé Skin Tightening Treatment. These treatments work on firming or tightening the deeper layers of skin, thereby increasing the rejuvenation effect.

Laser Genesis Skin Therapy is suitable for people with all pigment skin types. It uses gentle laser technology to heat the dermis and stimulate collagen production, which can firm the skin as well as diminish the appearance of surface redness, scars and fine lines.

Pellevé, on the other hand, is calibrated to improve skin tightness using radiofrequency technology. This treatment heats the deeper layer where the skin meets the fat, causing immediate collagen contraction and tightening, as well as stimulating collagen growth, to ‘iron out’ superficial wrinkles. Pellevé is better suited to those with specific ageing concerns associated with skin laxity.

Combining these treatments is a safe way of cleaning the outer skin, whilst also providing deeper, long-term benefits.

So there you have it – a Liberty Belle Special! The Dermasweep combined with Laser Genesis or Pellevé can be the perfect, painless, maintenance routine, or perhaps just a special pre-event treatment to help you look utterly radiant without downtime!

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