Lip Enhancement

Dermal filler injections administered by Cosmetic Nurse Injectors with a well-trained aesthetic judgement can significantly change the appearance of lips by restoring shape and definition. Many women and men feel self-conscious about their lips and come to us with concerns regarding thin, flat lips; drooping at the corners of the mouth; a flattened out upper lip; overall loss of volume or the appearance of vertical lines around the mouth, particularly in smokers, that cause lipstick to bleed. Our lip enhancement before and afters demonstrate a significant change in lip shape and fullness.

Expertly performed injections of dermal fillers can refine, fill, lift or plump the lips as well as re-define the shape of the lip and lip line. With techniques available at Liberty Belle you can achieve improved shape or lift of the lip without necessarily having Melbourne lip enhancement if this is your preference. Contrary to common belief, muscle-relaxing Anti-Wrinkle Injections are not used for enhancing the volume or fullness of the lips.

Your Treatment with Us

We offer a full range of scientifically proven injectable dermal filler products for enhancing the lips. The dermal lip filler for smaller lips used at Liberty Belle contains a purified complex sugar that is found naturally throughout our skin and body. These products contain premium ingredients making our treatments among the best for lip fillers in Melbourne. It also does not contain any animal products.

Each product is carefully selected depending on each individual’s aims. At Liberty Belle our experienced doctors and Cosmetic Nurse Injectors will advise on which of the products will be most suitable to achieve the result and look you are after, whilst answering any questions that you may have before making a decision on your lip enhancement treatment option.

What the Injections Treat

  • Volume and pout
  • Shape
  • Definition
  • Vertical lines often referred to as smokers’ lines or lipstick bleed lines can also be softened and filled.

How long does the treatment take?

Our lip enhancement treatments in Melbourne take about 30 minutes. There will be an initial consultation before the treatment, where your cost of lip augmentation can be discussed.

Will it be painful?

The area sometimes requires some prior numbing with local anaesthetic to eliminate or reduce any discomfort. Should it occur, it is only temporary.

Are there any side effects?

As there is usually some swelling and occasionally a small bruise that resolve within about 24 — 72 hours, we suggest that you carefully plan social engagements for at least 48 hours after the procedure.

How long will the effect last?

The duration of the effect varies from person to person and depends on the product used. The results are not permanent but decline slowly over time so lip enhancement treatments can be repeated or adjusted to suit your desired result. Generally these products last between 6 — 18 months.


The Australian therapeutic goods administration (TGA) guidelines do not allow the use of specific medical product names on the internet. Therefore, all references on this site refer to approved headings of anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and lip enhancement. The practice uses only the highest quality and medically tested products available. As we cannot discuss the individual products, the details of adverse effects possible can only be discussed at your consultation. For further details on the exact treatments performed by our practice please contact us on (03) 9826 9988