Lip Enhancement Melbourne

Lip enhancement treatments are commonly used to rejuvenate more mature lips that have lost volume over time, become thinner, or accumulated fine lines around the mouth.

They are also sought by those wanting to enhance the natural shape, size, and structure of their lips. Whether you want to restore lost fullness or give yourself the lips you’ve always wanted, dermal fillers can help. They may be used to restore volume, refine, lift, or plump the lips, as well as redefine the shape of the lip or lip line.

Anti-wrinkle injections placed carefully around the mouth area can also subtly enhance the lip by relaxing the muscles that tense the mouth. This imparts a softer, slightly plumper appearance.

Anti-wrinkle injections around the mouth can also minimise a ‘gummy smile’, where an excessive amount of gum is visible above the top teeth when smiling.

Injections of dermal fillers may be used to enhance and refine the natural shape of the lips, reduce fine lines, and restore lip volume that has been lost thanks to the ageing process.

At Liberty Belle Skin Centre, we like to take a conservative approach to lip treatments to ensure our clients walk away with natural-looking results. Different products can be used in the lips to achieve specific results. Every lip enhancement treatment is customised, and you will receive a thorough face-to-face consultation prior to your treatment. During this consultation, we will discuss your concerns and desired outcomes in order to formulate a suitable treatment plan. Plans can be tailored to all different skin conditions and colouring.

Treatment Options: