What treatments do our Clinical Nurse Specialists have at Liberty Belle?


We’re often asked what treatments we’ve had at Liberty Belle and we’re more than happy to share our ‘secrets’ with you.

Jo, Clinical Nurse Specialist / Nurse Injector

My regular skincare routine involves a combination of several treatments and products that we have available at Liberty Belle.

Anti-wrinkle injections –  I have anti-wrinkle injections every 3 months or so to soften my frown, forehead lines and crows feet.  We use low doses to achieve a natural looking, subtle result.  The aim is not to create a frozen face that shows no emotion or expression. That’s harder to achieve than you might think.

Dermal fillers – I’ve had dermal fillers in my cheeks recently to lift and define the contours of my face.  As with the anti–wrinkle injections the aim is to freshen up the face, not change it.  We often treat a person’s face with dermal fillers in stages.  This way our clients work with us to gradually and subtly achieve their desired outcomes.

Laser Treatments – I am a HUGE fan of Fraxel.  While the downtime is no fun, the results are absolutely worth it.  I’ve had two Fraxel treatments and my skin feels fantastic.  After having children my skin became prone to some pigmentation. Since Fraxel it is better than it has been in years.  My skin’s glowing and feels healthier. Pigmentation does require ongoing maintenance.  Active skincare and sun protection have absolutely contributed to this major improvement in my skin.  I’ll probably be back for another Fraxel in about 12 months time ….. or maybe sooner!

Active Skin Care Products aim to keep my pigmentation at bay with the added bonus of containing excellent anti-ageing properties.
In the morning:
I cleanse my skin with Purity Clean.  I like the deep clean it provides without stripping my skin and making it feel dry. 
Simply Brilliant and Lytera come next. These both contain a complex combination of active ingredients aimed at keeping my pigmentation under control.
K Ceutic provides such great sun protection but is still gentle and nourishing enough to be used as a post treatment cream. Sunscreen plays a very important role in minimising pigmentation, anti-ageing and overall skin health.  K Ceutic is also a great primer under make up!
At night 
I cleanse again and then apply Retinol Complex (Vitamin A) – this is fabulous for anti-ageing.  Use at night and make sure you wear sunscreen during the day.
Results RX Eye Doctor – I believe this is the best eye cream/serum on the market.  Use sparingly – a little goes a long way.
Multi B and Resveratrol  hydrate my skin which  can easily become dry and congested
Mineral makeup – I’m a big fan of Jane Iredale BB cream.  I mix it with their Smooth Affair primer if I want less coverage.  It’s SPF25 and water resistant.  By using a good quality mineral make up I am not undoing all of the good work my skin care is doing by adding harsh chemicals (found in a lot of makeups) to my skin.  Jane Iredale also has a wide range of beautiful colours for cheeks, eyes and lips.

Alisha – Clinical Nurse Specialist / Nurse Injector

I have always had very fair skin and have been concerned about my pigmentation and acne scarring.

To keep my skin looking its best and to ward off the signs of ageing, my skin care routine involves:

Laser treatments – I have an Excel V treatment every 8 months to treat the dark circles under my eyes and smooth signs of pigmentation around my cheeks and jaw line.

Anti-wrinkle injections – I generally find I need these every 6 months to remove fine lines and wrinkles.around my eyes.

Dermal fillers – I am passionate about natural looking results so when I use dermal fillers my aim is to achieve a ‘fresher’ looking version of me! I have used them to add volume to my lips and contours of my cheeks.

Active Skin Care Products – My favourite product is K Ceutic.It contains a combination of ingredients designed to repair (glycoprotein and hyaluronic acid), moisturize (shea butter), and soothe (K Complex) the skin.

Exfoliation: My favourite treatment of all is the DermaSweep. I try to have one of these monthly as part of my regular skin care routine or  a few days before a special occasion. My skin always feels fresher and healthier and I love the ‘glow’ that always prompts people to ask what I’ve had done!

Chelsea – Clinical Nurse Specialist / Nurse Injector

I have an olive complexion, being half Italian half Dutch however when I had my little boy my skin exploded with pigmentation. My skin care routine involves lots of preventative measures to minimise damage and protect as much as possible.

Sunscreen and a hat: I don’t go anywhere outdoors without ensuring I am protected.

Anti-wrinkle injections: As far as injectables go my frown is my main conern which I treat every four months. I have a minimal dose around my eyes and as I grind my teeth, every 6 months i have my masseters treated. This also thins the shape of the face.

Laser Treatments: I have recently had a Clear + Brilliant treatment to smooth out my skin tone, freshen up the overall appearance and tighten those areas that had started to loose elasticity, particularly around my jawline. I’m not a big fan of the sensation of this treatment (a bit like rubber bands flicking your skin) but I love the results!

Active Skin Care Product: I use all my usual vitamins A,B,C and Lytera for brightening. I have regular Vitamin A peels and DermaSweeps. My favourite product is Eye Doctor for my eyes, that area is so important to keep hydrated.

We invite you to come in and chat to us about your concerns and the best treatment options for you.

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