What treatments do our Dermal Clinicians have at Liberty Belle?

Our Dermal Clinicians share their favourite treatments and products with us.

Jen – Dermal Clinician

I am the skincare queen! You name it I’ve tried it.

For years I’ve always struggled at reducing my pigmentation, over 5 years ago I had a full face of IPL and I loved it. The IPL picked up all of my dark freckles however it still left blotchy sun damage behind.  The best treatment I’ve ever had was Fraxel – this picked up all of the light blotchy uneven pigmentation the IPL couldn’t treat. Since I had my Fraxel over a year ago, maintenance and protection is now my main focus.

To maintain my skin’s natural glow I receive regular clear and brilliant treatments (aka baby Fraxel) and stick to my strict ‘at home’ routine.

Every morning I cleanse with my Purity Clean Cleanser and start by applying Aspect Dr Multi B Serum followed by Obagi 20% Professional C Serum. After that I apply my favourite product in the entire world….. Skin Medica LYTERA. LYTERA is the strongest most amazing pigment inhibitor I have ever used. Not only does it lighten and brighten my pigmentation, it reduces the risk of my pigmentation getting worse over time. The creamy hydrating formulation is perfect for my skin as it’s light weight and I don’t breakout, I finish off my morning routine with Cosmedix Reflect SPF and my Jane Iredale Mineral Make-Up.

At night I try to keep it simple once I have removed all of my makeup I apply TNS Eye Repair for hydration around my eyes followed by TNS Essential Serum. This highly potent growth factor serum is amazing for reducing fine lines and trying to fight the ageing process. I finish my routine with our beautiful Results RX Vitamin A solution – the vitamin A helps increase my skins natural exfoliation process while targeting the pigmentation, the AHAs in the serum help to get rid of any annoying blackheads.

Kirsty – Dermal Clinician

It’s all about maintenance with me. I cannot live without my monthly Hyrdafacial which keeps my skin looking fresh, even and leaves it feeling firmer. I think having these in conjunction with my active home care routine is what gives my skin a glow.

Injectable treatments:  I love anti-wrinkle injections in my forehead and chin every 4 months to keep me looking happy! Before anti-wrinkle injections, I had a bad habit of always frowning, especially when I was concentrating which lead to people always ask me what was wrong! Having anti-wrinkle injections have broken this habit for me and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve also recently had my lip patched up by Dr Chris Moss after I had an accident with some tram lines… 16 stitches in my lip and you would never know after the fantastic job he did! Then Jo, one of our amazing Clinical Nurse Injectors, cosmetically corrected my lip to give me an even smile again. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to both Dr Chris Moss and Jo to have my smile back again.

Jo has also put a little filler into my cheeks which I love, it really helps to frame my face.

What do I use at home? I still love my Skin Medica Facial Cleanser, I keep it in the shower and it lasts me for ages!  I use a combination of Multi B serum, and Hyaluronic serum by Aspect Doctor during the day finishing off with Even Up, my new ‘go to’ primer SPF in one.  At night I alternate between Lytera, Retinol and TNS Essential Serum depending on how my skin is feeling. During the day I am loving the new Colour Science brush on SPF 50+ to top up my sunscreen during the day it is quick easy and sits flawlessly over my Jane Iredale Mineral powder. This is my favourite product at the moment and I think it is a real game changer in the sunscreen market.

I love to perform CoolSculpting because it just works and the results can be truly transforming. We now have the new chin applicator which is really exciting for me to be able to address double chins!

Daniela – Dermal Clinician

My passion and enthusiasm drives me to create the best treatment plans for my patients to help them achieve their desired results.

My skin care regime consists of a few key products: I begin by using a cleansing oil, Cosmedix Purity Solution to remove my makeup. It’s non irritating around the eyes and leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. Following that I use Aspect Dr Multi B, Obagi 20% Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Serum to fight free radical damage, brighten my skin and hydrate. I finish off with Resveratrol Moisturiser, K-Ceutic SPF 50+ to nourish and protect my skin from UVA/UVB damage and lastly Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup.

One of my favourite treatments to perform and receive is our very popular laser treatment – Clear + Brilliant. This treatment improves my texture, tone and gives my skin a radiant, youthful glow creating a more even skin canvas. The non-ablative laser comprises of two different hand pieces to target each individual concern. What I love about this treatment, is its ability to treat all SKIN TYPES. This is possible as the target chromophore is water, therefore it has no attraction to melanin. So whether it’s a pigment issue, fine lines, wrinkles or pore refinement, Clear + Brilliant is suited for all. It is an excellent monthly maintenance treatment for patients who want that little bit extra, with minimal downtime and dramatic results that continue to deliver benefits for months after.

My Favourite skin care product is Aspect Dr Hyaluronic Serum. It contains a distinctive blend of hyaluronic acid, that replenishes the skins (TEWL) moisture content. Ideal for individuals who have reactive, inflamed skin, flaky, dry or dehydrated skin concerns. I love the gel texture of the product and its calming, soothing and hydrating ingredients. It plays a vital role in my skin care regime.

Jasmine – Dermal Clinician

I can’t get enough of active skin care – I love it!

It’s almost impossible for me to pick a favourite product because everything I use is my favourite. I don’t spend money on shoes and handbags but skin care is definitely my weakness. But if I had to choose, then TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream would be my pick as it’s so soothing, great for dry skin and contains wonderful anti-ageing ingredients. I use it on its own but sometimes mix it with my favourite serums i.e. Vitamin A.

K Ceutica is a product I wear everyday for its SPF protection. It’s also a great primer – I always look for products that do more than one thing.

Dermal fillers: I have my lips done once per year to add fullness and definition and quite frankly I think they look fabulous! To enhance my lips even more I use Jane Iredale lip liner and lip stick – red of course!  I also use the Jane Iredale  Mineral Powder Foundation that gives me a flawless looking complexion.

Our experienced team of Dermal Clinicians will discuss your skin concerns with you and advise the most effective course of treatment for your skin. 

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