Summer Series 1 – Jen’s tips on how to freshen your skin for the festive season.

As we enter the festive season our lives become so busy with Christmas catch ups, parties and end of year summer events.

My tip to ‘freshen up’ your skin during the silly season is also one of my favourite treatments to perform – Pellevé.

The Pellevé is a radio frequency treatment designed to stimulate collagen and elastin while smoothing fine lines, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and tightened.

With an immediate plumping effect of the skin I frequently recommend this treatment just before any big event. The best thing is there’s no down time afterwards.

The rejuvenating results of Pellevé can last up to one week, but the collagen and elastin stimulation is longer lasting.

I also recommend the use of a sunscreen daily. Not only will it protect your skin from horrible sunburn, it will also help to reduce the signs of premature ageing caused by the sun’s damaging UV rays. I recommend Reflect from Results RX, as it’s light weight, won’t leave the skin feeling clogged or oily and is easy to reapply during the day.

For any skin concerns you may have, please call 9826 9988 to make an appointment for a skin assessment and we will work with you to recommend the best treatment plan.

Jen – Dermal Clinician, Liberty Belle Skin Centre