Spotlight On: Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

Many of our clients ask us why Jane Iredale is the only brand of makeup we stock here at Liberty Belle. This is because we believe the makeup you use should be an extension of your skin care regime, with beneficial effects to optimise the treatments you receive and the skin care products you utilise. In our opinion, healthy skin is the best cosmetic of all, and Jane Iredale is the brand that helps you achieve just that.

Jane Iredale established her line of makeup in 1994, and it has been the recommended choice of many plastic surgeons and skin care specialists around the world ever since thanks to the wealth of advantages it boasts.

The products are mineral-based, which means they are less irritating to the skin than other kinds of makeup. Ingredients are natural and very often plant-derived too, making them healthier and more suitable for sensitive skin. Where some brands of makeup force you to choose between a desired cosmetic effect and your skin’s health, Jane Iredale actually works to improve the skin, and each product is beneficial in some way. For example, the PurePressed Base mineral foundations contain SPF and antioxidants to protect the skin, while the luscious LipDrink lip balms provide SPF, soothing hydration, and rich oils to nourish the lips. Whether it’s environmental protection, hydration, or additional vitamins and antioxidants, Jane Iredale is sure to supply the invisible benefits you need while making you look radiant.

Jane Iredale makeup comes in a wide variety of shades and colours to suit all skin types. The naturally-derived pigments provide brilliant, long-lasting colour, particularly in the lipstick and eye shadow ranges. Whether you’re after a subtle, natural look or something more glamorous, we have the shade for you.

This makeup line is also certified cruelty-free; no products are tested on animals and no animal-derived ingredient, such as beeswax, is sourced in an inhumane way. Many of the products are suitable for vegans, and where possible gluten is also avoided, so these products are accessible to those with wheat allergies.

To get the most out of Jane Iredale’s extensive makeup range, we encourage you to come in to Liberty Belle so we can match you to the products and colours best suited to your skin. Make your cosmetics an extension of your skin care today!