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We love welcoming Rebecca Judd (supermodel, mum, TV presenter, wife, speech pathologist) to Liberty Belle.

As keen readers of her blog, Rebecca Judd Loves,  we also love keeping up to date with her regular fashion and styling tips, beauty secrets, career advice and family insights. But what we especially love, is when she shares her favourite Liberty Belle treatments with her followers.

In her latest blog, Rebecca talks about her recent ‘Clear + Brilliant Permea’ treatment and is offering her followers the chance to win the ultimate Christmas giveaway. Ten lucky winners will receive a Liberty Belle Clear & Brilliant treatment and $350 worth of active skincare products. Total value $700.

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Read Rebecca’s blog latest blog below:

Ahhh finally a pigment reducing laser which can be used during the Summer months with no down time- Introducing the Clear & Brilliant Permea (yes, you read correctly- NO downtime!).

I love my moles/beauty spots but I’m not a fan of pigmentation, sun spots and new freckles clouding my skin and making it look dull. I use a lot of serums (A, B, C) which work wonders but sometimes it’s nice to get a super boost- laser style!

In the past I would always get IPL (Intense Pulated Light) in the winter months. One treatment would be all it took to turn my pigmentation and freckles into black flecks before they wore off about a week later to reveal PERFECT, glowing skin. This treatment requires about 7 days of down time for the job I’m in (trying to look nice on TV and not scare my audience!) and this year I just couldn’t find 7 days in a row when I wasn’t working to be able to have the treatment.

I was also keen on experimenting with the FRAXEL laser as I’d seen some great results on girlfriends, but again, it requires a week’s downtime which I just couldn’t do.

So knowing my predicament (increasing freckles/pigmentation but no time time to lie low and the added drawback of it now being a far sunnier time of year which makes IPL and FRAXEL less ideal), the team at Liberty Belle called me to tell me about the new Clear and Brilliant Permea.

The Clear and Brilliant can reduce pigmentation and pore size plus it will brighten the skin, improve tone and radiance. It fights the signs of ageing before they occur, is safe for treatment over the summer months and is suitable for women breastfeeding who may have hormonal pigment that they would like to treat. How?

It uses fractionated laser technology to target a small percentage of the surface of the skin leaving the surrounding tissue intact for rapid recovery and healing. Plus, the special properties of the laser makes the skin permeable, which allows for better absorption of high strength active skin care. So in layman’s terms- it’s like a baby FRAXEL but less intense resulting in no down time. You’ll need a few treatments at monthly intervals to achieve that perfect skin look.

I booked in for my 30 minute treatment and it was a strange feeling. Of course it was painful but not the worst beauty related pain I’ve experienced (my first IPL session when I was 25 was pretty horrific- but geez did it look good!). I can best describe it by saying that it feels like you have momentarily zipped your skin into a zipper, except the zip is boiling hot. Ha! The pain doesn’t last long and afterwards, apart from a little sand paper-ish feeling on your skin and some extra heat for a couple of hours, you are good to go (like good to go on LIVE TV 4 hours later- woohoo).

In an incredibly generous offer, Chris and Andrea Moss and their team at Liberty Belle are offering Clear & Brilliant Permea treatments purchased this year for $250 (Usually $350).

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