Rebecca Judd LOVES Liberty Belle Skin Centre

It is always a delight to welcome the beautiful Rebecca Judd (supermodel, mum, TV presenter, wife, speech pathologist, model) from Melbourne to Liberty Belle.

We are all keen readers of her wonderful blog Rebecca Judd Loves as it keeps us up to date with her fashion and styling tips, beauty secrets, career advice and family insights. We’re especially grateful to her for sharing with her followers the treatments she regularly receives at Liberty Belle that ensure her skin looks fabulous for TV, the red carpet, photo shoots and life as a busy mum and wife.

In her latest blog, Rebecca is offering all of her followers the chance to win 15 Liberty Belle prize packs – the biggest giveaway in the history of her blog! All of the details regarding how you can have a chance to experience Rebecca’s favourite skincare treatments are listed in her blog post below. Good luck!

10 February 2015 – Rebecca Judd Loves

It’s about time I upped my beauty game on RJL and so here we go- probably the best giveaway in the history of my blog.

I’ve been going to Liberty Belle Skin Clinic since I arrived in Melbourne from my home town of Perth in November 2007, and have never looked back. Their team of highly trained medical professionals know exactly what my skin needs and how to achieve it. Whether it’s congestion, pigment, broken capillaries, hair in places it shouldn’t be (eek)- the staff there know how to fix the problem. All of the treatments I receive are non-invasive (ie. NOT plastic surgery) and are performed at the skin clinic part of the business which is owned by renowned Plastic Surgeon Chris Moss and managed by his clever wife, Andrea.

As I’ve hit 30 years old, I now pay a lot more attention to the products I put on my skin. I use a lot of serums with active ingredients and other products specifically targeted at problem areas. As I wear a lot of make up for my day job where certain nasty chemicals are hard to avoid, I make sure I ALWAYS use skincare products that don’t contain any nasties. Think no parabens, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol, mineral oil and no testing on animals. I wish I could apply this ethos to everything I put on my skin but I find it hard in the makeup genre because the industry is not as advanced with the professional level of products that the skincare industry has achieved.

Makeup is clearly lagging. There are some brands like Hourglass at Mecca Cosmetica which is making waves in the makeup field. That is, they are at a professional level where they can be used on TV and in shoots. However most of the makeup you see in makeup artists’ kits is full of crap. As this makes me feel a little guilty for my body (and the animals), I make sure I go crazy on the chemical free, cruelty free skincare side of things!

So what treatments do I receive regularly from Liberty Belle?

Dermasweep: It’s like a super intense exfoliation which is only available at licensed medical practitioners. It is a unique combination of microdermabrasion and simultaneous serum infusion. The vacuum action of the wand stimulates blood flow, cleans out the pores and removes skin debris thus leaving your skin smoother. My dermal clinician, Kirsty, used two handpieces for the Dermasweep: a nylon and a silk handpiece to brush and smooth away dull dead skin cells whilst infusing the skin with a Hyaluronic acid solution which holds 1000 times its own weight in water to super hydrate the skin. She also does a great extraction after this which clears any extra congestion.

Laser Genesis: This treatment follows the Dermasweep and uses a passive laser that gently heats the tissues up to 42 degrees to stimulate collagen and elastin production whilst plumping the skin, refining the texture and clearing away redness. It actually feels like hot wax dripping on your skin- not too painful but just enough to know it’s doing something. Kirsty then finishes off with a vitamin A infusion to nourish and revitalise the skin by providing the lower levels of the epidermis with ingredients to stimulate turnover and DNA repair.

IPL– Intense Pulsated Light: I have an IPL session about once a year (when I’m not pregnant or breastfeeding which seems to be every second year these days so I’ll just try and squeeze these in when I can!). Don’t listen to people who tell you this treatment doesn’t hurt (Yeah maybe if you’ve had a local anaesthetic). This treatment bloody hurts, especially along your jaw bone (I can feel my dental nerves shaking in their roots) and around the sensitive tip of your nose- eek. But the result is SO WORTH IT. I always have the clearest skin from 1 week post treatment (it takes about a week for all of the darkened pigment to flake off). I’m talking no spots, marks, veins etc- it is ahhhhhhmazing. A couple of tips with this treatment- if you like your freckles then this treatment isn’t for you. I have a few beauty spots which I like so I have them ‘spot covered’ so they are not zapped off. Also, this treatment is best done in winter when you’re out of the sun as your skin is particularly sensitive afterwards.

So, drum roll please, Liberty Belle are giving away some fantastic prize packs to 15 lucky RJL fans.

For Melburnians (or any one who can get themselves to the treatment in Melbourne)- 10 lucky RJL readers will receive the “Rebecca Judd Treatment Package” which consists of:

– 1x Dermasweep, 1x Laser Genesis, 1x Healite (relaxing LED treatment that helps in collagen stimulation and general wellness) to be taken in the one treatment session at their Toorak clinic.

-1x Rebecca Judd skincare pack by Aspect Dr which includes Mild Clean Facial Cleanser, Active C Serum, Multi B Plus Serum, Resveratrol moisturising cream.

For interstate entrants, 5 lucky RJL readers will receive the “Rebecca Judd Skincare Package” by Aspect Dr which includes Mild Clean Facial Cleanser, Active C Serum, Multi B Plus Serum, Resveratrol moisturising cream.

How to enter?

This giveaway will be run through Instagram. Simply post a photo of your skin, follow @libertybelleskincentre and #rjlXlibertybelle Please tell us in your post whether you are from Melbourne or interstate.

Winners will be notified on February 19th via Instagram and will be sent an email address to organise your appointment or delivery of your products.

Good luck!

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