Our top 5 tips for the perfect pout.

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, the need to spruce up our lips ready to pucker up and produce the perfect pout at cupid’s notice becomes a high priority for many.

We know just what needs to be done to ensure you don’t get caught out with less than luscious lips when romance strikes.

  1. It’s all about moisture. Hydrate from the inside by drinking plenty of water (obvious but many of us forget to sip our free flowing H2O throughout the day), and restore moisture, reduce dry patches and lines externally by applying a moisturising lip gloss.
  2. Remove any excess or unwanted hair from your upper lip and chin area with a specialised laser treatment to have your skin feeling smooth, silky and kissable.
  3. Reduce obvious signs of wrinkles, such as smokers lines, around the corners of your mouth or upper lip with a little help from our anti-wrinkle injectables – can soften visible lines for up to three months.
  4. Plump up thin, uneven or tired looking lips with one of our dermal filler products formulated to restore shape and definition to your pout.
  5. Use a gloss moisturising lip stick to complement your complexion – avoid matte or long lasting ‘colour stay’ or lip stains as they tend to dry out the lips.

For the best lip enhancement procedure to suit your needs, contact us to arrange a consultation – mwah <3 xoxo