Mrs Andrea Moss – Real Housewives of Melbourne

The news has broken that our Business Director, Mrs Andrea Moss, has been named as one of the cast members of the Australian Real Housewives Reality TV sensation franchise!

With current seasons running in Orange County, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, New Jersey, Vancouver, and Miami, FOX have started filming the latest addition to the REAL HOUSEWIVES family here in Melbourne. Known for its glamour, wealth, and drama, it will be exciting to see how the Australian cast performs and how the season will unfold!

Everyone at Liberty Belle are in full support of our wonderful boss, and we know she is going to show the world how wonderful she is as a employer, business woman, wife, and mother. We see it daily, and now it will be your turn to see the reality of Andrea’s ridiculously busy life.

Dr Moss and Andrea want to ensure you all that NO FILMING of clients or their vehicles in the parking area will occur whilst clients are present at our practice. We have the highest regard for privacy, and will continue to uphold this standard during filming. To ever appear on TV you need to have given written permission, so this means you will not ever be filmed or put on TV without prearranged consent.

The focus of the show is Andrea Moss and a day in her life, not Liberty Belle. We are delighted to be involved and be able to show the world our fabulous facility, however our clients can rest assured that it is business as usual here in Toorak.

If you would like to keep up to date with Andrea why don’t you ‘like’ her on facebook and see how filming unfolds…

Andrea Moss and Liberty Belle Skin Centre