Our top 5 ways to achieve fresh and rejuvenated looking eyes

Dr Chris Moss, internationally recognised facial rejuvenation expert, discusses the top 5 ways his practice offers to achieve fresh and rejuvenated looking eyes.

Our eyes are usually the first thing people notice about our face. They communicate how we feel and are the focal point of a face – eyes can say a lot about a person…

‘It is completely reasonable and logical to want to have your eyes looking optimally fresh and vital looking – to look the best you can for your age while still maintaining the essential personality of your eyes. People with sagging or tired looking eyelids, excessive wrinkles or sun damaged skin around the eyes, are now successfully rejuvenated at our clinic every day of the week- usually without any surgery. The eyelid skin is very delicate and a natural look is vital so we consider it is usually best to take a gentle, progressive and staged approach to care. Our treatments at Liberty Belle Skin Centre range from effective skin care,  through state of the art lasers, up to advanced injectable cosmetic medicine treatments. When non-surgical treatment is not appropriate we can provide seamless access to the most comprehensive information and surgical options available today at Chris Moss Plastic Surgery.’ – Dr Chris Moss.

1. Skincare – With recent advances in active cosmeceutical and medical grade skin care, we can now achieve significant if not dramatic improvements in the appearance of the eyelids and surrounding skin. Our active skin care hydrates, smooths and stimulates dull and tired- looking skin to reduce signs of ageing and improve skin tone and texture. With our proven skin care programmes, benefits can now be achieved often without any non-surgical procedures at all! Nevertheless for those who require laser or other treatments, our skin care can be used to further enhance and maintain results. Effective modern eye creams must bereadily absorbed by eyelid skin and must contain the correct active ingredients that are necessary for reversing the type of inflammation or damage in each individual’s skin – actives may include retinol, vitamin C, growth factors and sunscreen protection. It is vital that your skin care programme is skilfully customised to your own unique skin type and lifestyle.  Our expert clinicians at Liberty Belle will recommend and monitor the skin care programme that is right for you.

2. Injectable treatments – Anti-Wrinkle Injections are the most popular non-surgical procedures in our clinic, just as in many other advanced skin centres around the world. With their unique benefits they have revolutionized non-invasive facial enhancement and rejuvenation.

Repetitive muscle contractions caused by frowning, smiling and squinting are the major reason ‘crow’s feet’ wrinkles and frown lines appear around the eyes. Muscle relaxing injections temporarily stop excessive muscle contractions, smoothing the skin and giving a more relaxed and refreshed look to the eyes. This prevents and repairs ageing while helping our patients look like a refreshed version of themselves.

Dermal Fillers can effectively replace lost volume in grooves or circles around the eyes- plus help smooth the static lines and wrinkles present around your eyes that remain even when you are not expressing. Our comprehensive range of fillers included products that rapidly boost and hydrate the skin and over time provide anti-ageing benefits that improve skin collagen, tone and resilience.

3. Fraxel and other Laser repair Technology – Laser resurfacing of the skin helps deliver rapid and comprehensive improvements in skin texture, tone and colour. We are proud of our many state of the art lasers which safely and effectively rejuvenate the skin surrounding the eyes with often dramatic reduction of ageing and minimal or no down time. Our lasers can improve and renew your skin all the way from its top layers down to the deeper ageing or damage in the dermis. Skin conditions treated include fine lines, deeper wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, redness, blue veins, sunspots, excess pigmentation and other skin imperfections.

4. Thermage and other non-surgical skin tightening – At Liberty Belle we have Thermage and Pelleve radiofrequency technology that have proven over a long period of effective use to help firm, smooth and maintain lax, crêpe skin around the eyes – it can also help to provide a gentle lift to hooded upper eyelids. Thermage is scientifically proven to work by consistently and safely heating the deeper layers of the skin to tighten existing collagen and promote formation of new dermal collagen. Thermage is a lasting, single treatment procedure with no downtime. Treatments can be repeated if future ageing signs reappear or if further benefits are desired.

A Thermage treatment provides its benefits gently over a period of months and has therefore been very popular with our patients who wish to maintain or repair skin that is becoming thin, crepey or wrinkled but want a procedure that delivers results gradually over time.

5. Blepharoplasty (surgical eyelift) –is an option for those where non-surgical treatments cannot provide a person with the degree of skin improvement or eyelid shape correction they need or desire. Cosmetic Eyelid surgery refreshes eyes that appear tired or aged due to problems such as significant skin excess, deeper wrinkles, sagging eyelids and bulging fat pockets- problems that are usually untreatable with non-surgical means. Eyelid surgery not only delivers a maximally lasting freshness and rejuvenation to the eyelids, but with the advanced deep support eyelid surgery techniques used by Dr Moss, patients can now comprehensively correct advanced ageing with natural looking yet beautiful results that are undetectable as the result of surgery.


There have been dramatic developments in the science and effectiveness of cosmetic medicine and skin care in recent years. At Liberty Belle we are proud to provide all these modern options under the one roof, together with sound advice and world class service.

To learn more about your treatment options, we welcome you to call us to speak with one of our patient educators and discover how to best achieve improved and refreshed looking eyes.

by Dr Chris Moss – Plastic Surgeon